How to order digitization?

...very simply, follow the six steps mentioned below and preserve your past for the future.

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1. Let us know, what you would like to have digitized and which media it is.

Photos, slides, videos, pictures, etc. all of them can be scanned and preserved for future generations. Write us what kind of originals you would like to have digitized.

2. Pricing

An approximate calculation you can do here. We will prepare the exact cost of a made-to-measure offer and we will email it to you. The price may very depending on either the originals‘ condition, how demadning data processing will be, or a dimension of the pictures scanned.

This is not a binding order! You are still able to make chages at this step.

3. Binding order

You can place your final order after you got a price calculation.

4. Bring or send us your originals for scanning

Stop by and drop off your documents yourself or send them to us by post, or a courier (we can help you fill out the documents required). We can also pick them up directly at your place – within Prague it is possible for free, otherwise we use a courier.

5. Digitization

Our experts digitize any type of an original. Jalena has top quality professional scanners of the highest quality. Jalena will preserve the originals. We can also advize about archiving or disposing them.

Jalena also preserves valuable documents from libraries and museams for future  generations. So you can rest assured that your originals are in the best of hands.

6. We will return all your originals to you in their given state.

All originals will be delivered back to you either by post, a courier or personally by our driver. If needed we can provide advice about archiving your originals.

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We will be happy to give you an advise and answer any question you have about the digitization.

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Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. And according agreement.


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