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Preserve Your Memories for the Future

As the time flies by your precious memories can fade away forever. You may have captured a lot of beautiful moments on a photo or film. Unfortunately these analogue media don’t last a lifetime.

There is only one way to really preserve them for the future.  It is to have them digitized! That way you can maintain a great stable quality of a color and a sound for the future.

Moreover it will save you a lot of space. Where do you keep all these slides, pictures, films and stacks of paper? Once scanned this problem is solved. Your entire shoe box full of memories is reduced to one small USB-stick or DVD.

And what can be more fun then sharing all these memories with your family and friends. Where you used to have only one copy, now you are able to copy and share it on social media endlessly. That is how you can make extremely happy not only yourself, but also your loved ones as well.

And of course it’s nice to have your precious memories always at hand in you smartphone or tablet!

And you can save your favorites to your mobile and carry them with you on the go.


20 years of digital
100% money back
No initial
Best price & quality

How digitization takes place

We are professionals in the field and are able to deal with anything including the improvement of image quality.
Keep your old photos and recordings always at your fingertips and secure in your computer or DVD media.


The calculation of your request

The calculation on our site is only indicative.


Selection of how materials are delivered to digitization

Deliver us your materials personally, by mail or courier. Or we can pick them up within Prague for free.


Quick realization of digitization

We will try to process your order within 2 weeks. By default we state 3 weeks. However, you can also order express processing within 1 week.


Enjoy digitized materials in your PC

We will save your memories on medium you choose.

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Digitize today,
do not await for a day when
your memories get lost forever


Digitize not only your family album, you can get 1 piece of photo from 5 CZK

Delivery within one week

We do our best to handle all orders as quickly as possible. The average order processing time is two weeks.

Personal handover in Prague

Possibility of handing over documents in the center of Prague. You will not lose your valuable materials, everything is contracted.

Be in touch with us

We will be happy to give you an advise and answer any question you have about the digitization.

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